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Six Zones of Leak Detection
The LDRA6 accommodates six inputs that can be configured for zone water detection or as remote alarm annunciators. An LDRA6 can monitor for both leaks & alarms generated by networked equipment.
As a zone leak detection solution, the LDRA6 is compatible with SeaHawk sensing cables and SeaHawk SD-Z & SD-Z1 spot detectors. This allows the LDRA6 to detect the presence of water, conductive fluids, and chemicals. When a leak is detected, the LDRA6 annunciates an alarm for the corresponding zone.
Each of the LDRA6’s six zones can accommodate up to 1,000 feet (305m) of sensing cable or one or more spot detectors. One leader cable is required for EACH ZONE of leak detection.
Remote Alarm Annunciation
As a remote alarm status panel, each of the inputs can be configured to relay and annunciate alarms from equipment and sensors that provide a digital dry contact signal. Common inputs to the LDRA6 include HVAC units, power distribution devices (PDU), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and generator summary/alarm contacts.
In addition to a panel summary relay output, each input has a unique relay output.
The LDRA6’s Modbus capabilities allow it to communicate with other Modbus-compatible devices.


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