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Patented Leak Detection Delivered Via Wi-Fi
Whether you’re using a WiNG-MGR or a BMS system, the WIFI-LD allows you to leverage your existing Wi-Fi network to monitor for conductive fluid leaks in your facility.
The WIFI-LD continuously monitors your facility – it checks for leaks and ensures cable continuity once every minute and sends a packet immediately after detecting an alarm condition.
The WIFI-LD can be used in the following configurations:
• With one SD-Z1 spot detector
• With one SD-Z and up to 50 feet of leak detection sensing cable
• With up to 100 feet of leak detection sensing cable
Integrates With Your Monitoring Systems
• The WIFI-LD populates seamlessly into the WiNG-MGR’s user interface.
• If you’re using a BMS, the WIFI-LD transmits leak status information via a UDP packet to your BMS.
Wireless And Battery Powered
RLE’s Wi-Fi sensors are compact and unobtrusive, yet provide an industry leading battery life – WIFI-LD sensor batteries will last up to FIVE years with transmission every five minutes. No wires are required for power; no wires are required for transmission.
Designed With Security In Mind
• Only allows one-way communications.
• Supports WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption.
• Encrypted data storage for network and configuration information.


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