Scroll Compressor

Scroll Compressor

Product detail

HR-Z 0011 – 0121

This Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. range of cooling units is made of indoor units that may be combined with remote outdoor condensers to guarantee maximum flexibility and compliance with any architectural restriction. These units have hermetic Scroll compressors and Full Floating technology. The latter is an intelligent electronic unit providing the perfect answer to residential market requirements: compactness, ease of installation and quietness.

NRCS-ME-Z 0152 – 1604

Indoor unit for the production of chilled water that may be connected to a remote condenser with hermetic rotary scroll compressors working with R410A, braze-welded plate-type exchanger and thermal expansion valve. Panels and base in hot-dip galvanised sheet steel with paint finish.

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