Uninterruptible Power Supply

Reliable power is critical in order to keep your systems accessible at all times. UPS and CRAC systems maintain constant power and offer complete protection against any power line disturbances.

Computer Room Air Conditioning

CRAC protects and cool mission critical servers and provides the optimum environmental condition for mission critical sites.

Facilities Monitoring System

Provide facility managers with complete peace of mind against environmental threats such as temperature, humidity, fluid leaks, pressure, airflow, smoke, and much more.

Leak Detection Solution

Provide unparalleled protection against any form of conductive fluid that might threaten your facility. The line includes fluid sensing cable and spot detectors as well as the monitoring devices and accessories to support them.

Fire Detection & Protection System

Businesses need to be vigilant to dangers that can erase a company’s data presence without warning. DataSphere’s total coverage approach safeguards against dangers such as fire etc.

Raised Floor System

A raised floor is a data centre construction model in which a slightly higher floor is constructed above the building’s original concrete slab floor, leaving the open space between the two floors for wiring or cooling infrastructure.

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