Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)



Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)


What is VESDA?


VESDA is simply a laser based smoke detector, which means it is a very good smoke detector! VESDA smoke detectors have been operating in specialist fire detection applications for over 20 years. VESDA is the most advanced aspirating smoke detection equipment on the market. VESDA smoke detectors hold more certifications than any other aspirating smoke detectors.


How does VESDA work?


A VESDA detector is much like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks air for the protected environment through the purpose built aspirating pipe and samples the quality of air passing through the VESDA laser chamber.


Where do we use VESDA smoke detectors?


The aspirating smoke detection market has change over recent years. VESDA smoke detection was traditionally used for specialist smoke detection environments.


VESDA smoke detection is now used more extensively in non specialist fire detection application and of course the traditional specialist market.


VESDA detectors are normally used where high smoke sensitivity is required.


VESDA detection works far more efficiently in area where there is high air flow, such as computer rooms, Telecoms etc!